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  • Ransomware Trains Its Sights on Cloud Providers 23 agosto, 2019
    Ransomware writers are now targeting cloud service providers with network file encryption attacks as a way to hold hostage the maximum number of customers that they can, notes Chris Morales, head of security analytics for Vectra. He also discusses Vectra's new ransomware report, which offers tips for protecting against virtual hostage taking.
  • Qualys Launches Free App for IT Asset Discovery and Inventory 23 agosto, 2019
    Qualys's Chairman and CEO, Philippe Courtot talks about changes in the security landscape he's witnessed during the company's 20-year lifespan, as well as what motivated the vendor to give away its Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory app for free.
  • IBM Announces Quantum Safe Encryption 23 agosto, 2019
    Techniques too tough for quantum computing solutions will be part of public cloud and tape storage encryption.
  • 80 Charged in Massive BEC Operation Bust 23 agosto, 2019
    A group of mostly Nigerian nationals attempted to steal $46 million through business email compromise and romance scams, the FBI reports.
  • Virtual World of Containers, VMs Creates New Security Challenges 23 agosto, 2019
    Containers, virtual machines, and the advent of DevOps as a software creation tool all put new pressures on organizations' security strength, according to Dan Hubbard, CEO of Lacework. Cloud's ability to offer scale, capacity, and processing power may even exacerbate the vulnerabilities unless properly managed, he adds.
  • VMware to Buy Carbon Black for $2.1B 23 agosto, 2019
    Virtual machine giant's big cloud move includes plans to shell out $2.7 billion in stock transactions for Pivotal Software.
  • Capital One Breach: What Security Teams Can Do Now 23 agosto, 2019
    Knowing the methods of the attacker, as laid out in the federal indictment, allow us to prevent similar attacks.
  • Spirent Nixes Over-Reliance on Compliance Checklists for Good Security 23 agosto, 2019
    Enterprises must regularly validate their security efficacy based on real-time conditions, not compliance criteria, says John Weinschenk, General manager, Enterprise Network and Application Security of Spirent. That sort of testing returns actionable data to tune devices, update policies, and fortify defenses before they are compromised, he adds.
  • 10 Low-Cost (or Free!) Ways to Boost Your Security AI Skills 23 agosto, 2019
    The following hardware and software options will amplify your know-how about artificial intelligence and how to apply it to security - without busting any budgets.
  • App Security Still Dogs Developers, End-User Organizations 23 agosto, 2019
    Lots of re-used code, cost pressures and long lead times for application software all lead to porous security where application software is concerned, says Chris Eng, Chief Research Officer for Veracode. But an emerging role he calls a "security champion" can help circumvent those problems and make apps safer for everyone.